Why Men Wearing Spandex are Sexy

One of the best things to come out of the 1980’s was the use of Spandex. Ever since then, there is a group of wearing Spandex that has taken the world by storm and brought about a fetish that is increasingly becoming more and more popular. While not every guy out there thinks they look good in Spandex, and quite a few of them probably don’t with today’s diets, but you might be surprised at just how many wearing Spandex do actually look quite sexy in their chosen garb.

When it comes to wearing Spandex you need to remember that there certain features that are going to be enhanced from the materials. Of course, most men wearing Spandex already know this, and that is why they chose to wear this type of material. If you are going to choose to wear Spandex, either around your home for fun or out in public, you need to be aware that everyone that looks at you will notice some of the things you might wish hidden from view. Of course, if you are one of those guys wearing Spandex that has a lot to show off, this shouldn’t bother you much at all.

When it comes to purchasing your first pair of Spandex you should be aware that size is everything. Men wearing Spandex will tell you every time that if you purchase Spandex that are too big, you are going to look very silly wearing them. The good news is that koalaswim.com gives you the best possible chance at picking out the right size. Now, they will also tell you that Spandex swimsuits that are too small can be extremely uncomfortable, especially when they go out in public. Small Spandex is never an option if you can get around it.

Few things are worse for any man trying to look sexy in Spandex than having some that are too small. Not only will they tend to cut off blood circulation, but they also have a habit of riding up into places they should be left out of.  Men wearing trying to wear them under your work clothes, you are going to be in a world of embarrassment and laughter following you around.

Speaking of wearing Spandex under their work clothes, there are a lot of guys that choose to wear this type of material under their clothing due to the comfort level it brings them. It also makes it quite convenient if you are late and need to have a quick workout. You can simply take your clothes off and not have to worry about changing anything. You will find a lot of men have normal everyday lives and even families. Not that anyone wearing Spandex wouldn’t have a normal life; after all it’s just another fetish that guys can enjoy.

One thing that you will come to understand about wearing Spandex is that there is a comfort level that other clothing articles can't seem to match. Men wearing Spandex will tell you that this type of material is not only snug, but gives you the feeling of freedom that you expect and want from your under garments. Having the ability to move freely is something that a lot of guys would love to be able to experience without feeling weird about not wearing anything under their pants. That sensation can be yours if you go to koalaswim.com right now and check out their selections.

There are plenty of men wearing Spandex that are out in the professional world. In fact, you might be a bit surprised at just how many men in your office might actually be wearing Spandex right in front of you. A good way to tell is that any guy that is wearing Spandex will seem much more comfortable when dealing with people around them. You see, men wearing Spandex have the ability to be so comfortable that nothing ever seems to bother them while they are wearing their Spandex under their clothing.

If you would love to have as much comfort as the other men wearing Spandex, then you are going to need to purchase your very own from koalaswim.com. Just imagine how sexy you are going to look wearing your Spandex around the house. Now take that even further and imagine how your partner is going to look at you when they see you for the first time in your Spandex. Everyone knows that Spandex men are some of the sexiest men on the planet, and you could be one of those guys if you go to koalaswim.com right now and find your first pair of Spandex swimwear.

One of the things you are going to notice is that spandex guys will have the highest chances of getting laid while at a party. If you don’t believe that, then you should see what the guys at the parties you go to are wearing. These guys are all running around with Spandex on under their clothing, and they are getting all of the attention from both men and women at those parties. You may not understand why Spandex  are as popular in the partying world but there are actually parties based upon wearing nothing except Spandex and they are pretty hot.

You will come to see that koalaswim.com has some of the best quality Spandex that you can find. The main reason for this is that they know that there are a lot of men wearing Spandex out there and they want to make sure they have the best quality. Other sites will give you lower quality products and expect you to pay even more than you would at koalaswim.com. Of course, there isn’t a Spandex guys out there that would fall for that, and they tend to go to the one site that offers them the best quality at the best possible price.

Since a lot of people find wearing Spandex to be quite sexy, and why shouldn’t they; there are a few things that you might want to be aware of if you have never worn this type of material before. The first thing you should know is that there are a lot of different styles that you can choose from. You can even go with a full blown body suit if that is what you are looking for. Koalaswim.com has many of these styles available for you to choose from and you can make your selections at your leisure.

 Spandex body suits usually wear them because of a restriction based fetish that they enjoy. Of course, most men choose Latex or rubber for such a fetish, but the Spandex suits work just as well, and they tend to breathe a lot better than the more traditional materials. Unless you have a fetish that includes heavy sweating while you are wearing your restriction suit, Spandex is a much better choice and still gives you a bit of freedom for movement in case you need to do something while you are still in your suit.

Just sitting around the house and watching television can be done for wearing Spandex if they choose things like shorts or simple swimwear. There are some more erotic versions of Spandex swimwear at koalaswim.com that you can choose to wear, but you should probably keep it on the mellow side if you have never worn anything like that previously. Now, if you are used to wearing more erotic pieces of clothing, then the skimpier Spandex swimwear shouldn’t be much of an issue for you. It insures that you will fit in perfectly with that group of men at all those parties you like to attend.

Just being sexy isn’t enough for some men to actually don a pair of Spandex anything. Some guys feel that men wearing such garments shouldn’t be seen in public, or anywhere else for that matter. That is because they have probably seen that one really heavy set guy, or gal, wearing Spandex in the local store and it wasn’t a pretty site. What they tend to forget is that guys that have great bodies actually look pretty sexy when they are wearing this type of material. So don’t knock it until you have tried it.

Koalaswim.com gives Spandex men the best of what they have to offer every time they order something from their site. Whether you want to have fun in public or in private, you should be able to find something that will make you the talk of the party regardless. Have your partner help you pick something out for wearing around home and, if you don’t have a partner, then just choose something you might be a bit curious about wearing. There is no reason to be shy when you are choosing to join the ranks of  Spandex men. Instead, you should focus on the comfort and the fact that you will look as sexy as you think you do.

Men wearing spandex

For fun, pleasure and arousal.

To me and to many other men spandex is the ultimate fabric. There is nothing else that feels so good on your body. Spandex tights, bikinis, thongs and shorts that look and feel like they were spray painted on. There are few things that look better than the male form wrapped in spandex. A hot guy at the gym in spandex tights and no panty lines is a thing of beauty. The guys at the beach wearing tiny little Brazilian style bikinis and thongs with pouches so small you can't believe they can stay on. Let's face it men wearing spandex is mouthwatering. I have a wonderful collection of spandex swimwear, tights, shorts and even spandex fetish wear. The great thing is that spandex for men is getting more popular every day. Micro swimwear at the beach, check, spandex tights and shorts at the gym, check, men out on the street wearing leggings so sexy and slinky it is almost as though they are nude. This is a wonderful time to be into spandex and a great time to get started. Whether you have a giant collection of spandex gear like me or you are just starting out shopping for your first micro swimsuit we are here to help guide you to the finest made in the USA and shipped world wide spandex creations for men.

I love wearing spandex and I love seeing men wearing spandex.